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 Goverment applucation

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PostSubject: Goverment applucation   Goverment applucation EmptySat Mar 31, 2012 12:09 pm

Date of Birth:09/04/1980
Ethnicity:British Amercian
Telephone number: ( 6537)
Previous Work Experience:Yes
What makes you suitable for this position?:So i can look after the city and make safe laws for the country
Do you own a valid gun license?:No
Do you own a valid driver's license?:No
Are you willing to undergo a criminal background check?:No
Describe yourself in a few sentences:
Are you willing to put your life at risk for your job?: Yes
What is your preferred weapon of choice?:9mm Deagle MP5 M4 Spas-12 Sawnoff shotgun


((Out of Character))

In-Game Level:15
Previous Names:Reece_Edward
How long have you been roleplaying? : 2 years
Have you ever been warned/kicked/banned?:No
If yes, why?:
What is powergaming?:Unrp,hacks,dming
What is metagaming?:Talking OOC in IC
Are you currently the member of a gang/service?:No
If yes, which ones?:
What is your favorite color?:Neon Green
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Goverment applucation
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