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 Jerry's Character Story

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PostSubject: Jerry's Character Story   Jerry's Character Story EmptyMon Jan 09, 2012 2:26 pm

[center}Jerry's Character Story Samp021yo[/URL]

Family:Rollin' Height Killaz R6 - Leader
Jerry grewed up at Glen park.He moved from Los Angeles with his brother Danny.They both grewed up there.When their mother die in Ganton cause of car accident.They both cried.A 5 years later both of them was 19.Both of them finded a job to work.Danny worked at Pizza Stack.Jerry worked as Mechanic.When both earned much money , they bought a house in Glen Park near Crack Lab.Near Crack Lab were hanging Rollin' Height Killaz...

[center]Chapter : House

Near Crack Lab were hanging Rollin' Height Killaz , both were scared of them.Someday one member of Rollin' Height Killaz went to Danny and Jerry and asked "Ay'o nigga's wanna be part of Rollin' Height Killaz" Jerry said : " Yeah sure" Danny didn't agree with that.Danny walked away . Jerry runs behind him and asked "Dude why you don't agree ? " Danny"Cuz i don't want to work with Gangsters! ". Danny walked away , Jerry was so mad.He went back to Member.Member " Aigh' but first you need to help me" Jerry said "Aigh'" They both walked in Member's garage and there was some crate.They went to the crate and opened it . Both of them taked out Bat with purple rag tied on top of Bat.They sitted in car and drove to Richman.There was hanging another gang called : Mafia . Member and Jerry sneaked into Mafia's HQ.There was Members of Mafia inside.Both of them maked ambush and beated up all Mafioso's.They hurry drove back to Glen Park.Member of Rollin' Height Killaz walked to leader of it.He told him "Ay'o boss.I found a new playa' who want's to rep' tha' Killaz' man" Leader"Aigh' bring him 'ere" Jerry walked to the room and he was so scared.Member " 'Ere he is" Leader exams Jerry from eye to toe.Leader asked Jerry " So you wanna rep' tha' Killaz and be always down fo' tha' hood?" Jerry nods slowly.Leader " Okay , do you know how to fight , care a gun and all that Gangsta shi' ? " Jerry nods. Leader : Aigh' don't let us down okay?. But you will need som' practice and you need to know all the membaz' of Rollin' Height Killaz.This is our Gang Sign. Leader Stands up and shows Jerry Gang Sign . Leader raises up both hands , with left hand make words "Rollin' Height" , with right hand "Killaz".Leader " Okay you know now".Then Jerry had became a Member of Rollin' Height Killaz.

Information about Gang:
This gang is rulling all the City , has most Members and it's very dangerous so don't chill in Glen Park or other places near Glen Park .. if som' member see you .. you be dead man!
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Jerry's Character Story
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