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 Roleplay guide by Matt Wilson

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Roleplay guide by Matt Wilson Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay guide by Matt Wilson   Roleplay guide by Matt Wilson EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 10:56 am

Matt Wilson's guide to Roleplay

Ok I am bored sitting here and can't sleep, so I thought about making a basic guide to on how to RP. This is just some basic concepts for any newbie to RPing who wants to make his/her first step forward to becoming a great RPer.

Ok so what is Roleplay? Roleplay is basically acting as a desired character in the RP game mode, there are many roles you can play, the opportunities are endless in what is by far my favourite game mode on SAMP at least. So before registering on R_RP, or if you have already registered think before you carry on playing. What type of character do you want to play? What sort of character would suit you the most? You can pick anything so long as you abide by the server rules. So for example, I am famous for playing a mafioso style character, I talk like how an Italian American speaks, remember it is important that you use an /accent and that you speak in that accent and how you picture them speaking. Another important thing is to use an appropriate skin for your character. I always use skin ID 122 which fits my character perfectly, however you would not use a skin id of a black skin when you RP as an Italian would you? So think carefully about what skin you want. So if you chose to be an Italian Mafia character like me, make sure you use /accent Italian or Sicilian, or anything related to that. So here is a dialogue I will use in a normal conversation that I usually have with someone while IG.

Paul Corleone: Hey Luigi I need you to do a little job for me aye pal.
* Paul Corleone lights up a cuban cigar and starts puffing on it as he talks to Luigi *
Luigi: Sure boss, what can I do for you today Mr Corleone?
* Paul Corleone leans back onto his chair squinting his eye's as he smokes his cigar, looking at Luigi *
Paul Corleone: We got our selves a rat, some wiseguy has been talking too much to those damn Colombians.
Luigi: Who is it boss, and what do you want me to do?
* Paul Corleone leans coward slightly, and taps the end of his cigar getting rid of some of the built up ash *
Paul Corleone: It's that wiseguy punk Joey who works down at the club, he's been ratting us out for money to them damn spics.
Paul Corleone: I need you to take the trash out if you know what I mean, make that punk sleep with the fish.
Luigi: Sure boss I will slash his throat open and make sure he don't talk no more to them spics.
* Luigi walks out of the bistro to execute the job *
* Paul Corleone leans back into his chair again and finishes his cigar off *

(Btw use /me to show the pink messages to describe actions that cannot be seen on your screen, /do can be used for communication that describes the RP in more detail, but I will explain all that later)

So that is what I class as RPing your character, I acted like a typical mob boss, using words such as "wiseguy", "punk", "cocksucker" etc, these are commonly used words by mafioso's. Be sure to talk like how your character should talk using words such as that. I also highly suggest you do your research on the type of character you chose to play as, watch videos on youtube, or watch a movie that includes your character. I get all my inspiration from different films or games, or clips from youtube, I am always deeply researching and reviewing the character I RP as.

Now I am going to move onto a quick guide on the rules and description of certain things you must not do on the server. I am not going to make a big deal out of them as this is an "RP tutorial" not a tutorial on the server rules.

DM (Death matching)- This is straight forward. When you kill someone for some dogshit reason, like if someone looks at you and you shoot him for that. Do not DM because you will likely get admin prisoned and later banned if you keep repeating the offence.

MG (Meta gaming)- This is when you mix OOC information with IC information. An example is when you start talking OOCly in IC chat, using words such as "lol" amongst other things. MGing can lead to fines, and prison time for more serious cases or repeated offences. Remember IC is in character, meaning that while you are in character, you should never act like your self sitting behind your computer screen or say things you would say, always try and think what your character would think, and act how he/she would. OOC is when it's your self who is talking, common OOC chat channels are /newbie for server related and relevant questions/help, /b for local ooc chat, /f for ooc family chat (if your in a gang), /i for any irc channels ig, and there are a few others, like /o which is global chat that is 95 % of the time only open to admins.

PG (power gaming)- This is when you force RP upon another player or RP in an unrealistic manner. It is when you use the /me cmd to describe an action towards a player that cannot be seen on your screen without giving the opposing player a chance to react in an RP manner. Always give the player a chance or the oppertunity to add his input into the RP situation, use /do for things like, do you offer any resistance, or Do I succeed in this action or do I fail, if so how do I fail? This will give the player a chance to reply in /do describing how the player succeeds or fails. Powergaming can lead to fines, and prison time for more serious or repeated offences.

RK (Revenge kill)- Revenge kill is when you get killed by a player and then go back to kill that player. When you die, it is important to know that you lose thirty minutes of memory after spawning at the hospital, there for, there is no way in you knowing who killed you. However it is acceptable if someone witnesses you getting killed, and tells you what happened, as long as you RP it. RK can lead to prison time, and can lead to being banned if the offence is repeated.

KOS (kill on sight)- Killing on sight is a form of DMing, it is when you just take out your gun and shoot any fucker in sight without any RP. Even if you have an RP reason to kill someone, taking out your gun and shooting them without any dialogue or RP is considered KOS. KOS can lead to heavy prison times, and later banned if the offence is repeated.

Cbug/Crack shooting- This is an exploit commonly used on DM servers that is not allowed here. You may use it in paint ball or when an admin creates a DM event and specifies if the exploit is allowed to be used. I will not tell you how to do it either, Cbugging can lead to prison times and possibly being banned in repeated offences.

CK (Character kill)- Character killing is when you terminate a players character, this means after being CKed he/she must change his/her character, this is commonly done by changing names, phone numbers, and houses. CKing is purely optional on this server, you do not need to accept CK, and players should always give you a chance to accept it or not. CKing must have a serious and valid reason and must never be forced upon another player. CKing is commonly viewed by admins on this server as it is required to include a lot of advanced RPing. Forcing CK on someone can lead to prison time.

Ok moving on from that boring shit, I am now going explain the appropriate usage of /do and /me cmds. Firstly I have never been a fan of /me or /do, for the simple reason that many players over use them, and think it is actual RP to spam it on someone's screen. If you are new to RPing, please do not be impressed by someone who spams /me or /do, they are just trying to act clever or they are trying too hard. Remember this is not the sims, this is GTA, RP things as you see them, do not rely on a page full if purple messages on your screen.

Anyway they are both important features to role play, and if used correctly can be very defining to your RPing situation. The /me cmd is purely for the description of actions you cannot see the player doing on your screen. It is always good to use different animation commands, however it is sometimes simply not possible to show a player ones action without describing it in /me. So here are a few examples of how /me can be used effectively.

/me pushes a button that is situated below the window of his car, which in turn rolls down his left hand side window.
/me places his right arm over his right hand side door and leans out looking at "said person" and wondering what he wants.

To make it look a bit more fancy you could add things like.
/do As the window rolls down, it makes a slight robotic noise.

As you can see these lines are used to describe an action that you cannot see on your screen ^^.

Now I will quickly move onto the usage of /do. /do Is a method used for further description of the RPing situation. Albert Einstein was the player who suggested it to be added into our script a few years back on S**P before USRP started. It can be used to describe things you cannot see, or to inform you how many things are present. Here is an example of how you should use /do.

/do There are four desert eagle's in "said box".
/do The breifcase is placed on the ground next to my feet.
/do I have tattoo of a British bulldog on my right arm.

This is how /do should be used.
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Roleplay guide by Matt Wilson Empty
PostSubject: Re: Roleplay guide by Matt Wilson   Roleplay guide by Matt Wilson EmptySun Feb 26, 2012 10:26 am

Very nice and detailed. Keep it up.
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Roleplay guide by Matt Wilson
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