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 Anderson Mafia

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PostSubject: Gang Management & Creation [Format] [OPEN] Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:26 pm
Basic Information

What's the name of the gang? Anderson Mafia

Who is the leader of the gang? Steve_Anderson

What type of gang are you trying to create? Mafia

Extended Information

Gang Story/Biography (Minimium 1,000 words)

The "Anderson Mafia" Is a mafia that make deals for a good stuff (Weapons, Drugs etc.) + For very big money
The "Anderson Mafia" Is an rich mafia that owns alot of money, weapons, drugs and b*tches!
Also this mafia is helpful to the other mafias/families while helping them to get weapons/drugs.
Also the Anderson Mafia helps the other gangs to beat up the police while joining them and attacking them Drive-By

Starting Members (Min. of 4): Anderson Mafia still didn't bringed members - We'll get some when our Mafia is being created...

Your Rank Names: AM - (Anderson Mafia)
1.) A.M Worker
2.) A.M Security
3.) A.M V.I.P Security
4.) A.M Chief Of Security
5.) Mafia Underboss
6.) Mafia Boss

Skins (Must include ID's with any pictures):
R1: 123
R2: 124
R3: 117
R4: 118
R5: 126
R6: 113
Girl Skin: None

Other Information

What's the level of the leader? 15.

Does the leader have $ 500,000? Yes.

Does the leader have past leadership experience? Yes.

Why should you be given this gang? I have very good leadership expirences + I wanna make some work for the police

Please list the leaders past family/faction history:

Have you read the gang/point regulations and do you agree to them? Yes.
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Anderson Mafia
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