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 SADPS Application

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PostSubject: SADPS Application   SADPS Application EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 5:23 pm

In Character Information

First Name : Carl

Last Name : Jason

Sex/Gender: Male

Age : 30

Place of Birth/Origin: San Fierro

Contact Number : 3124

Current Address(If no type None) : Commerce

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? No

Have you ever been in a gang or criminal organization?* (YES OR NO) Yes

Have you ever served time in prison? No

Can you communicate effectively in the English language?* (YES OR NO) Yes

Why Do you want to join us ((Min 50 Words)) : I would like to join the San Andreas Sheriff's Department, Because im sick off seeing all these criminals get away with these crimes their committing in our country and I want to cut down on all these crime and make San Andreas a better place for people to life in.

Your Life Biography((Min 150 Words)) : I have studied law in San Andreas University for 4 years i graduated and i got a Masters degree in Law and i now live in the country side of SanFierro i have never served time in a federal prison but i have been arrested twice for medical drugs. I am 30 years old i have no children or a wife i never been married i am a very dedicated worker.At home during my free time and my primary job at the moment is a sales man i am hoping to use my knowledge and Law Degree to get into the SADPS Academy and become a fully trained officer and reach the rank of a Lutienant or Higher.

Do you have any Law Enforcement Knowledge : Yes

((Out Of Character Information))

Name : Ionko

Age : 15

How many hours you play in a day : 4-9

Timezone : GMT+2

Your previous experiences in factions : I have been LSPD Leader

Do you know all the way in San Andreas Well : Yes
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SADPS Application
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