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 Sea, Land and Air Police (SLAP) Faction Request

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Sea, Land and Air Police (SLAP) Faction Request Empty
PostSubject: Sea, Land and Air Police (SLAP) Faction Request   Sea, Land and Air Police (SLAP) Faction Request EmptySat Mar 31, 2012 1:07 pm

Basic Information

What's the name of the gang? Sea, Land and Air Police (SLAP)

Who is the leader of the gang? Jake Ramsay

What type of gang are you trying to create? A faction for patrolling the skies, the waters and the land using the fastest vehicles, the power-fullest helicopters and the best boats.
We will have hunters, mavericks, speedboats, dinghies, SUVs and Sultans for use when there is an emergency that requires air support, ground support or water support (such as suspects escaping by boat)

Extended Information

Gang Story/Biography (Minimium 1,000 words) (i dont think the faction needs one although the job of the SLAP is to keep the skies, land and waters of san andreas patrolled.

Starting Members (Min. of 4):
1.) Jake Ramsay (Me!)

Your Rank Names:
0.) SLAP Cadet
1.) SLAP Officer
2.) SLAP Corporal
3.) SLAP Sergeant
4.) SLAP Lieutenant
5.) SLAP Captain
6.) SLAP Chief

Skins (Must include ID's with any pictures):
R0: Cadet skin is skin ID 275
R1: Officer skin is skin ID 280
R2: Corporal skin is skin ID 281
R3: Sergeant skin is Skin ID 282
R4: Lieutenant skin is Skin ID 286
R5: Captain skin is Skin ID 288
R6: Deputy Chief skin is 288 and Chief skin is 283
Girl Skin: cant find one

Other Information

What's the level of the leader? Level 13

Does the leader have $ 500,000? Yes

Does the leader have past leadership experience? Yes, Leader of the LSPD ((on another server))

Why should you be given this gang? Because i feel that the skies, land and waters of SA need to be patrolled more.

Please list the leaders past family/faction history: LSPD cadet

Have you read the gang/point regulations and do you agree to them? Yes

((please note that this is not a gang. it is a faction that works alongside LSPD))
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Sea, Land and Air Police (SLAP) Faction Request
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