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 Dwayne Brown's application

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Dwayne Brown's application Empty
PostSubject: Dwayne Brown's application   Dwayne Brown's application EmptyWed Jan 11, 2012 9:42 pm

(( In Character ))

* General Information *

General and obligatory information that we need to gather from every recruit.

Full name: Dwayne Brown.

Date of birth: 07/16/1989.

Gender: Male.

Ethnicity: American.

Phone number: 1684.

Address: Los Santos / Richman.

Mail Address/additional contact info: Phone 1684.

Current Employment: Unemployed.

Past education: Military school.

Years lived in San Andreas: Around nine now.
Answer here. ((1 IG level = 1 Year ))

Have you ever served prison time? If yes, state the charges: No, never.

Have you ever been a part of a criminal group of organiziation? If yes, what group/organization and why did you leave?

Did you read, agreed and fully undestood the Official NOOSE Handbook?

What MAIN Division do want to work under?
Street Crime Unit Division.

Are you prepared to provide your supervisors with weekly casefile/s?
Yes, i'm prepared for this.

Have you read and do you meet the minimum applicant requirements?
Yes, i do.

Provide us with a clear picture of your passport ((/stats)) and licenses ((/licenses)):
Link here

* Qualification Check *

Questions that will prove you worthy of employment and require longer answers.

Why do you seek a career within the NOOSE?
Because i'm experienced in that part of the community, i were also in LSPD i had fun every time i were doing my job and i think i have skills for NOOSE.

Tell us about yourself. (Minimum 300 words)
I was born in the San Fiero General Hospital my mother were working as a lawyer and my father was working in a mine around Las Venturas. I studied and grew up in San Fiero then I went to military school to learn how to survive and become a man when i came home me and my family moved to Palomino Creek where I had to take care of my parents so i get a job as a mechanic without having any experience in this. After service during shut and my father was old and can not care for the family so I decided to get a job in Los Santos that's why i moved here i bought a house in Richman and every week i'm visiting my parents to provide them food.

What would be your career goal if employed and why? Helping the Government as hard as i can, to stop the crime in Los Santos and save the innocent people.

Among many other applicants, why do you think we should pick you? (Refrain from writing your previously mentioned qualities)
You should only pick me by your decide and if you did you won't wrong i'm a strong, trained and experienced guy ready to stop everything.

Are you ready to loose contact with near friends and family by entering the NOOSE? If yes, tell us why.
Yes i'm ready i already have lost contract with my family once when i was in the military school.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

If we decide NOT to employ you, why do you think we would make that decision?
Because you may don't like me since you never did a operation with me and never seen me in act.

(( Out Of Character ))

* Personal Information *

Who you are, to give us an idea of how you will be able to cooperate and work at an OOC level.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Country of origin: Europe / Bulgaria


* Suitability check *

To see if you're suited for the faction OOCly.

How long have you been playing on this server?
Since December 2011

Have you ever been banned or warned?

Past names and levels:
Cesar_Rodriguez lvl 10
Dwayne_Brown lvl 10 and after stats restart lvl 4

How active are you?
Everyday around hour or more

Do you have a fully functional microphone and Ventrilo?
Nope but i could handle this if it's necessary.

Are you prepared to communicate via the microphone effectively?

Past faction experience: 9/10

(( IC Recommendations ))
For the time being, you need TWO recommendations from LSPD members (ONE needs to be from a Supervisory Agent and above!). The recommender needs to state a valid reason for the recommendation and sign the application document. (( Approve in the thread )) If you have more than one recommendation and recommendations from other factions - you're more than welcome to add them as well.

Agent's Name and rank

Agent's Name and rank

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Dwayne Brown's application Empty
PostSubject: Message   Dwayne Brown's application EmptyThu Jan 12, 2012 5:09 am

Please fill the others infos too such as biography
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Dwayne Brown's application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dwayne Brown's application   Dwayne Brown's application EmptyThu Jan 12, 2012 11:57 am

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Dwayne Brown's application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dwayne Brown's application   Dwayne Brown's application Empty

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Dwayne Brown's application
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