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 The Grove Street Family

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PostSubject: The Grove Street Family   The Grove Street Family EmptyTue Jan 10, 2012 4:12 pm

What's the name of the gang? Grove Street

Who is the leader of the gang? Jeff_Rames

What type of gang are you trying to create? Family & Freinds

Extended Information

Gang Story/Biography (Minimium 1,000 words)

The Grove Street are a Big family and friends trying to be Stornger than now in the streets. we are all about respect and power in the city of Los Santos. We started The Day with Some Training in Us HQ we were only known all los santos and San Friero with other local street gangs like the Bandits and there allies With The Vagos. Later we became a much Tronger gang was more like a family based on crime called FBI or LSPD and Robing them. We Looking For Alliences Over time we became a stronger family. A formidable opponent to other families and that was what broke us up in the end. Now we are all back together and looking to get back in the streets.

History: The Grove Street originated from a gang we started back when we were youngstas that was called the NeighborHood Bandits NHB for short. We began beefing with local street gangs that were already established like the disciples and other gangs that were up and coming like us. NHB never made it because of drama but we stuck together and made somthing more powerful than a gang, we created a Black mafia. Making money came easy to us, if we got robbed we always had a stash just in case we couldn't get it back, we had a operation so smooth, the police even had a hard time getting us. After a while the FBI came into town because the police kept finding bodies ridaled with bullets in our hood but had no proof to pin the bodies on us. So they spyed on us and got a lot of dirt on us and the cubans, but our gang was the only one in court at the end. The cubans snitched on us and went back to Cuba, while we skiped town to a small county in the dessert. Eventualy we all did some prison time for what we did but now we all together and ready to be a real family

Starting Members (Min. of 4):
1.) Jeff Rames
2.)Loren Avisar
3.)Jason Meth

Your Rank Names:
2.)R2-2) Hustla
3) R-3 OG
4) R4- Double OG
5) R-5 Triple OG
6) R-6 Kingpin

Skins (Must include ID's with any pictures):
Girl Skin:

Other Information

What's the level of the leader?
Does the leader have $ 500,000?
Does the leader have past leadership experience?
Why should you be given this gang?
Beacuse we Will Be The Best Gang And Its RP name i Mean grove street is Known Family in another RP Severs

Please list the leaders past family/faction history:

On the 8th of November 1990, A man named Jeff was born in the city of Melbourne. Crime rates were pretty low in Australia and all was fine. He was doing well in school and was a straight A student. His parents were nice and healthy, they also had good jobs with good income. Andy lived a pretty good life. He grew up with his friend Liam, They went to school together and lived closely, Andy also had 2 brothers. Their names were Roan and Zack, Roan and Andy were the same age but Zack was 2 years younger. When Roan and I turned 6 my father turned ill, it wasn’t too bad just my mum found it hard to look after all three of us. She decided it would to be best to send one of the children to our Grandmothers. Roan moved to San Fierro in 1996, Zack and I just went on our normal business thinking that our brother would come back any time soon. When our father recovered after 6 months of his illness we were extremely excited to see our brother coming home.
Roan had just turned 7, he spent his birthday in San Fierro. When he got home to Melbourne he claimed that it was his best birthday yet, and he wanted to stay. This was a shock coming from a 7 year old…
I had recently turned 7 and Roan was getting older as well. His eagerness to go back to our grandmothers was outstanding. My mother sent him back there for a year because she knew he would want to come home… But that didn’t happen.
Roan was going crazy at school getting into fights and he did nothing right, it wasn’t long until he ran away from home.. He has been missing in San Fierro for 14 years….
At the age of 10 my father passed and my mother Zack and I moved to San Fierro near my grandmother’s house. We had been here before but it didn’t feel right without Roan.
Our lives had to continue no matter what although it was very hard. My grades were still A average but Zack’s were dropping rapidly. When I finished school I really had no idea what I wanted to do, even know I had done fantastic on my exams and there were so many possibilities nothing I tried felt right. I began a course in University on being a Lawyer, at the same time I was working as a small time mechanic, that didn’t really work out. I dropped out of university because I found it boring. I then saw myself struggling and began to worry. I did some pizza deliveries and Truck deliveries but o absolutely hated it.
I eventually got a job working as a bodyguard for some VIP’s it gave me a rush and I loved it, but I didn’t feel like it was my type of job.

Have you read the gang/point regulations and do you agree to them?

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PostSubject: more 1 player   The Grove Street Family EmptyTue Jan 10, 2012 4:14 pm

Tommy williams
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PostSubject: Re: The Grove Street Family   The Grove Street Family EmptyTue Jan 10, 2012 5:13 pm


P.S We're Rulling the City ... ( Just saying ... so better fear us)

I think it will be accepted
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The Grove Street Family
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