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 Glendel Park Ballas Aplication

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PostSubject: Glendel Park Ballas Aplication   Glendel Park Ballas Aplication EmptyMon Jan 09, 2012 8:11 pm

Who is the leader of the gang? Dylan_Khalifa

What type of gang are you trying to create?Black Gang

Gang Story/Biography (Minimium 1,000 words) when i was 5 my brother was shoot and killed in front of me by grove st they spared me cuz i was young but befor they left they said see this is what happens when you mess with the wrong people and threw a greem flag at me i hated that fealling i wanted to ravange my brother that was my main goal from that moment on , i joined the ballas at the age of 11 cuz their rivals wheir grove st they quickly saw that i was a good member and had the tallents of my brother they gave me alot of task but all of the task wheir complete by me never fail and to my best i got my first robbery at 12 years old a armed roobery i bearly mad it out alive with all the cops, i was shoot but i mad it out alive with a wunded leg i had on me i had to stay on the down low but i quickly progresed in the gang making me a high ranking member doing all tasks and completing everything first/to my best on one day the boss send all ballas out to rade and conquer grove st we lost alot of members in that attack but we won , once we finshed the mission we went back to HQ and the boss was deade befor he died he said he want me to lead the ballas i mad ballas alot stronger since that day we controle alot of Los Santos now people fear us , now we plan to take over grove st and conquer los Santos and no one is going stop us

Starting Members (Min. of 4):i dont have any i add them quick only got 1

Your Rank Names:
4.)Duble O.G
5.)Tripple O.G
6.)King O.G

Skins (Must include ID's with any pictures):this is the web sit that i got the skin id from
Girl Skin:226,216

Car's For Family/Car ID's All Cars Color iD(85)

2-Sultans(560) 2-Buffalos(402) 2-Phonix(603) 2-Huntley(579)

Other Information

What's the level of the leader? 4

Does the leader have $ 500,000? Yes

Does the leader have past leadership experience? Yes

Why should you be given this gang? cuz i have alot of experiance with gangs/families and i make the fam strong on this server

Please list the leaders past family/faction history:Los Aztceas-Leader Trides-Leader Latin King'Z-Coleader Grove st-Leader

Have you read the gang/point regulations and do you agree to them? Yes I Agree

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PostSubject: Re: Glendel Park Ballas Aplication   Glendel Park Ballas Aplication EmptyMon Jan 09, 2012 8:43 pm



Server Need Families

/unsupport - make better story about your family
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Glendel Park Ballas Aplication
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