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 The Los Santos Bandits

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What's the name of the gang? The Los Santos Bandits
Who is the leader of the gang?Jerry_Lotus
Extended Information:Our family will not break an rules of the server,We must respect everyplayer.No bullyshit with cops and other gangs

Gang Story/Biography (Minimium 1,000 words)The Los Santos Bandits

Gang Deiscription: The Los Santos Bandits are a small group of family and friends trying to grow biger and stronger in the streets. we are all about respect, money, and power in the city of Los Santos and will get it by any means. We started off back in the day as NHB short for NeighborHood Bandits. At the time we were only known localy and clashed with other local street gangs like the Slum Disciples and there allies Le Societe Francais de Los Santos. Later we became a much bigger gang witch was more like a family based on oraganized crime called BMF short for Black Mafia Families. We Developed our own allies such as the Cubans through a small beef over turf because our turfs where we reside were close. Over time we became a strong family and a formidable opponent to other families and that was what broke us up in the end. Now we are all back together and looking to get back in the streets.

History: The Los Santos Bandits originated from a gang we started back when we were youngstas that was called the NeighborHood Bandits NHB for short. We began beefing with local street gangs that were already established like the disciples and other gangs that were up and coming like us. NHB never made it because of drama but we stuck together and made somthing more powerful than a gang, we created a Black mafia. Making money came easy to us, if we got robbed we always had a stash just in case we couldn't get it back, we had a operation so smooth, the police even had a hard time getting us. After a while the FBI came into town because the police kept finding bodies ridaled with bullets in our hood but had no proof to pin the bodies on us. So they spyed on us and got a lot of dirt on us and the cubans, but our gang was the only one in court at the end. The cubans snitched on us and went back to Cuba, while we skiped town to a small county in the dessert. Eventualy we all did some prison time for what we did but now we all together and ready to be a real family

Why?: (( ive been in alot of good gangs and ive been rank 6 in alot and i also helped run BMF so i know how it goes, i also think this is a good gang theme sense we have our gang name on our skins and the city we are in. Ill run this gang better than my brother did and we plan on balancing our roleplaying with our battling with other groups, we hope to bring more members and fun to the server and ideas for others thinking of a theme for there gang.))

Ranks Name:


Desired skins:


What's the level of the leader? 4

Does the leader have $ 500,000?Yeah

Does the leader have past leadership experience?Yes

Thanxs for readin GUYS afro

Soon i'll get some members
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The Los Santos Bandits  Empty
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The Los Santos Bandits
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