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  Application For National Office of Security Enforcement - John Williams.

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 Application For National Office of Security Enforcement - John Williams. Empty
PostSubject: Application For National Office of Security Enforcement - John Williams.    Application For National Office of Security Enforcement - John Williams. EmptyThu Jan 05, 2012 1:04 pm

National Office of Security Enforcement
Full name: John Williams.
Date of birth: 1/1/1990
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: American.
Phone number: 100.
Current Employment: Los Santos Law department.
Background check ((/stats)):  Application For National Office of Security Enforcement - John Williams. Samp001ev
Past education: Harvard Law School.
Years lived in San Andreas: Ten Years and nearly Twenty Eight ((1 IG level = 1 Year ))
Have you ever served prison time? If yes, state the charges: No
Have you ever been a part of a criminal group of organiziation? If yes, what group/organization and why did you leave?
Did you read, agreed and fully undestood the Official DHS Handbook? Yes, I did.
What MAIN Division do want to work under? Street Crime Unit Divison.
Are you prepared to provide your supervisors with weekly casefile/s? Yes, I'm.
Have you read and do you meet the minimum applicant requirements? Yes,Yes I do.

* Qualification Check *

Questions that will prove you worthy of employment and require longer answers.
Why do you seek a career within the NOOSE?

Well , Most of my life I've been working in leo departments like LSPD, LSFMD, NG and also FBI! I had much fun while working for them and at the same time I was doing something good for my country! I've always been good and will always be and after hearing that the department is currenlty being runned by a professional Director, I thought that I should apply and get back to action and I'm sure you won't regret.

Tell us about yourself. (Minimum 300 words)

Well, I've been born at Las Ventrus with my parents, I studied at Modern Avenue School in Las Ventrus, I loved my parents too much that I tried everything just to make them happy, I lost my self and my character between my colleges just to make them happy, I did that by being the nerd studient that does nothing than studying hard and getting high marks, I really didn't care much for what they thought or how did they make fun of me, Just for the smile on my parents faces!
And Finally, I've graduated from school with excellent marks that made me apply for Harvard Law School, Wasn't just for the high marks but it was because I wanted to be able to do something good for people, Maybe being famous of helping people! or atleast being a hero, I studied Law and succeded in it.
Moving to Los Santos:
After graduating from the collage, I've decided to move to Los Santos and work there, After a long good bye with my parents I took off with my plane to Los Santos, With a bright look on my face, Looking forward to a great future! After landing at Los Santos Airport I first found a place to stay at, That was Jeffersons Motel
But, My whole idea about Los Santos just changed in a minute, While I was on my way to the Motel, Some gangsters or what ever pulled me over, and robbed me! Robbed my bags robbed my money robbed everything I had, This was a disaster for me, I had no money to stay any place or atleast clothes, I couldn't start my lawing job because after them robbing my stuff, I had nothing else but I went to the streets and started to look for a job till I found this Los Santos Mechanic Services, I applied there and got a job, I started making my money up again and finally one day, I was able to go and apply for the Lawyer Job! I succeded and became one of the succefull lawyers, But still, Being a lawyer wasn't just about.
I wanted to help even more, I wanted to be some body! So I applied for LSPD and got accepted, I lived in LSPD and worked hard and hard untill I gained the SCU Captain Rank! I was very good and I liked my job but still, I'll always look for what's better and I'll do what I think is better, That why I'm here today at the FBI because I promise that I'll do what ever I can when ever I can to help and serve Los Santos!
P.S; I'm a good driver and also I can act very good, One last thing! I've been chosen as Heavy Weight Champ before in boxing, I could box really good.

List your strongest qualities and tell us why you think these qualities are needed in the NOOSE.

I'm a hard working man, I can act and also I know how to deal with the streets! And I'm also a good driver and NOOSE may need me because I'm smart and also because I'm ready to work my ass off and follow any orders that I'll be given.

What would be your career goal if employed and why?

Being the best, And working hard and doing my best in helping Los Santos to be a better place to live at and also provoing my self to everyone who thought I couldn't.

Among many other applicants, why do you think we should pick you? (Refrain from writing your previously mentioned qualities)

I'm not saying you should, But atleast you should give me a chance to prove my self and I'm sure you would not regret it, Plus I got a huge experince with the law side and also many of the NOOSE agents are my friends, So I'll show alot of team work.

Are you ready to loose contact with near friends and family by entering the NOOSE? If yes, tell us why.
If it's Neccesary to do so for my country then I would, Because I'd be helping my country by doing it and also I'm sure I'll make friends in the Department.

Undercover is prohibited until you earn your first promotion, tell us why you think we don't allow the Agent rank to go undercover.

Because I guess you're putting them on TRIAL incase any one of them do something wrong that and get him self caught while doing his undercover job.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In the NOOSE , Leading a Division.

If we decide NOT to employ you, why do you think we would make that decision?

I'm not sure, Maybe cause of my English or maybe cause you dislike me, How ever it's your own decision and I got no rights to say anything about it and I'll respect it what ever the decision was.

(( Out Of Character ))

*Personal Information*
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Country of origin: America , Los Angeles.
GMT: +2

*Suitability check*
To see if you're suited for the faction OOCly.
How long have you been playing on this server? Ehm , Not much.
Have you ever been banned or warned? If yes, why? No
Past names and levels:
Madd Dogg
Alnozo Cruz
Snoop Dogg
John Williams
Danny Yuksek
and alot but I can't remember them much, But those names are the most known ones ^
How active are you? I'm active, really active
Do you have a fully functional microphone and Ventrilo? Yes
Are you prepared to communicate via the microphone effectively? Yes
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 Application For National Office of Security Enforcement - John Williams. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application For National Office of Security Enforcement - John Williams.    Application For National Office of Security Enforcement - John Williams. EmptyThu Jan 05, 2012 2:00 pm

Your Application has been Accepted. Meet Owen Smith or Matt Wilson for interview.
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Application For National Office of Security Enforcement - John Williams.
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