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 Scott Goldrim: Life story

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PostSubject: Scott Goldrim: Life story   Scott Goldrim: Life story EmptyWed Jan 04, 2012 1:59 am

Scott Goldrims Life story.
Scott Goldrim was born in the small town of Blue berry. He is the first child of his mother and father Anna & Mike Goldrim. His mother worked at Blue Berry's International Bank and his father Delivered Goods Into Los santos. Scott Was very smart in school so he was one of the lucky ones to be taken into Los Santos Educational Collage.
Scott studied there for 2 years. On march 12 12:30 PM Scott Got a call from The collage Administration. He rushed down thinking he had got a job offer. When he picked up the phone it was his mom Calling telling him About his new baby brother. Scott was so over joyed that some new had join the family because at the time he was a only child. After Four years scott finally left the collage After studying law.
He got as a lawyer in LS and Build his home in Ganton. One day on his way to work he got a phone call from the SFPD Asking him to come home. Scott's father was hijacked while delivering some illegal weapons to SF. A few guys stopped him and took the weapons and kiddnapped him. they tied his hands and legs up and threw him into the back seat of there Jeep.
This had been seen from the other trucker who tried to help but was shot in the arm while trying to fleed away from the area when he saw them taking out M4s from the truck of the jeep.
Scott's father was found Dead in a near by river. 3 bullets to the head, His hands and feet cut off and his eye balls gauge out. After a few years scott little brother came to live with him In LS after he left THE SF collage, He also got a job in Law. Scott's mother Anna and his brother Sean had already put the death of Mike behind but scott it had Hurt him alot because he really loved his father. So scott wanted to do alot for for people rather than helping them get out of trouble. hw Became A LS police officer. Now he is not only stopping Crime be he is trying to prevent others from feeling the pain he felt And if it does Happen he wants to Make sure he finds the person who caused it. The murders was never found alive. the four guys was found dead In the same lake as there victim was found with the same wound and cuts. Scott now Has a New home In Richman. He is still not married but is looking for someone to spend the rest of His life with. What a Face
{{I Made this because server was offline all day I got the idea from: Patrick }} Very Happy

Thanks for taking the time out to read Scott's Life story.

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Nice Stories.
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Scott Goldrim: Life story
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