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Name of the gang/organization? - Vatos Locos

What kind of gang/organization it will be? Like always , based on Roleplay and as they added IC Points we`ll encurage our members to roleplay even more . We`ll be , like always , as the name says , a Mexican gang which actually will do baseballbats , drug deals , weapon depots etc.

Name of the leader - Danny Yuksek.

Co-leaders (max 2) - (No have for now).

•What happened to the Danny Corporation:•

It was a Wednesday when It all happened... I was at Alhambra Club enjoying with my employees as well as my friends were also there. The music was playing as my cellphone rang, I was surprised. I got news from my bodyguard named Dwayne Winston that the factory is being burned, I was shocked but I controlled on my Pulses. I went there and saw a big blast of the corporation.

I called cops as soon as possible and registered a F.I.R. Every department is investigating on it and haven't find the criminals yet. Maybe It was a blast because of the patrol, diesel, etc. I had only left $26,000,000, thought my corporation will be the number one corporation in whole Los Santos, but my ideas totally ruined. I was able to make my own corporation, I had enough money to make one, but I hadn't enough power to take a revenge of those who burned my factory. I ran back to Alhambra Club, as Dwayne Winston was there before me. Peoples were dancing as I met with my friends, employees in the V.I.P room.
Danny Yuksek picks the cellphone.
Danny Yuksek: Who`s this?
John: It`s me John, what`s up with you Danny?
Danny Yuksek: Ah, It`s you fucker, well. As you might know my corporation has been burned.
John: Yes, indeed.
Danny: Well mate, I heard that you`re thinking to open a club, is that so?
John: Hell yeah, but I can`t run a club on my own, I`d need to your help. You know.
Danny: John brah, let`s merge, what ya` think?
John: Great idea but... hope your members are satisfied with my members.
Danny: Sure sure.
John: Let`s meet up somewhere, Playa Del Seville would be cool place and let`s discuss.
Danny: I`ll be there in few, see ya.

•Playa Del Seville:•

After the conservation with John at Playa Del Seville, we merged our members with `em. We chosed a place for our club near the Playa Del Seville, It was East Beach.
I called my homie`s and they were totally satisfied with Yuky`s members, and the location.

•Arrival to East Beach:•

I contacted with a property dealer about the building, we just need the approval of governor for the building.

As the governor gave me the approval of building, I came outside of City Hall and saw some Mexicans in a group. They were coming towards at me, they were also known as Mara Salvatrucha 13 Gang. The dangerous gang in whole LS.

They were talking about alliance with us, but I simply refused. They started argue with me, I tried to ignore `em and finally they gone. I wasn`t aware of that they`ll take it as a fight. As I reach at East Beach, my cellphone rang again and I recognized that Mexican`s voice.

Stranger: Hello there, mister.
Danny: I recognized your voice, I think I just met with ya`.
Stranger: Yes, you just did at City Hall. *chuckles lightly*
Danny:Well, I told you I don`t want to alliance with you. What the fuck do you want now?
Stranger: `Ey babe c`mon shut up. You don`t even know whom you`re talking with.
Danny: Oye piece of shit.
Stranger: Oh man, I`m 100% sure you love your ''Niko Alkobaisi''.
Danny: *sigh* What the fuck you did with him?!
Stranger: Nothing yet, but If you don`t manage for $50,000. He`s visiting to Michael Jackson.
Danny: Motherfucking piece of shit, fucking faggot. Where the fuck you want to meet?
Stranger: *chuckles but quickly hides it* Ocean Docks.

Danny Yuksek hungs up.

•Ocean Docks:•

Danny Yuksek glance's around, carrying a briefcase in his left hand.
Stranger takes out a Desert Eagle from his side-pocket as he aims towards at Danny Yuksek.

Stranger: Game over, my son.
Danny Yuksek: Not yet, father.

A guy sniped Stranger's hand from the top of Crane as Danny Yuksek took the Desert Eagle from Stranger and aims towards at him, throws the briefcase.

Danny: Tell me who the hell are you now and where is Niko or you`re gone, pendejo`.

Franciso: I`m head of MS-13 and I`m Franciso Rodriguez, Niko is right there! *bleeding from his hand*

Danny: Oh really? What did you said? He`s visiting to Michael Jackson eh? *pulls the trigger*

Peace out motherfucker.
After that, they almost finished the MS-13 Gang and time by time, they grew up and made an identity with the name of Varrios Los Aztecas. No one dare to even abuse their low-rank member same as higher. They bought some vehicles for their club, and hired some strippers, bartenders, etc. We got shitload offers of alliance but we refused `em all, since we were enough alone. With the passage of time, we started claiming depots in different kind of towns, cities, etc. My cellphone rang while I was sleeping, I picked up my cellphone as I got news from Jeezy that my farm has been burned, I was shocked. Tomorrow morning, I merged with farmers, but Jeezy isn't agreed yet. I decided to give them a good respect, dignity, to Jeezy's members. Everything is going cool now. No troubles at all, and we're the best. Vatos Locos Club® is running good as well as the gang.

Extended Information:

Unique rank name list

(Rank 6)El Jefe
(Rank 5)Vice Jefe
(Rank 4)Bandido
(Rank 3)Soldado
(Rank 2)Amigo
(Rank 1)Puta

Desired skins (add both pictures & IDs)

Skin ID: 46

Skin ID: 237 (Girl Skin)

Skin ID: 108

Skin ID: 109

Skin ID: 110

Skin ID: 292

Your in-game level?

Do you have $1,000,000 in bank?

List your past gangs/factions - (Not on this server)

Families :

The Corleone Famigla ( Mariana Morales / Marika Corleone )
Vatos Locos ( Ethan Rodricaz / Cholo Rodrciaz Rank 3 / 4 x2 , Me owner of it twice )
Varrios Los Aztecas ( Johan Walshy tit , Me owner of it once , Shagie Pepe r6 )
The International Hobos ( Rank 5 / Lil Pea )
The Yardies ( Rank 5/6 , Co-Leader / Owner / Stan Davis )
Ballas ( Rank(s) 5, 3 / Cholo Rodricaz / Yuri Cordozar / Parlenkov )
Los Santos Confedintial ( Rank 3 / Destiney Slice )
The Microsoft Co. ( Rank 5 / Bill Gates )
The Oshredo` Ministery ( Rank 5 / Jack Shred )
The Shadow Complex ( Rank 5 / Rey Mercer ( I guess ) )
1Nation ( Rank 6 / Obie Jones & Me )
La Onda ( Rank 6 / Owner of it Once )

Factions :

LSPD ( Rank 1,2,3,4 / Devin Clark / Jay Witkins / Lewis Langley / Levitchi Mihai / David Zaio / Jack Francis / Jim A.... / Jack Shred / Joey Tucker / Chief )
RCSD ( Rank 2,1 / Lewis Langley / Tyler Sons)
SAHP ( Rank 1 / N/A - I forgot )
SS ( Rank 2 / N/A - I forgot )
NG ( Rank 3 / 6 / 1 / 6 / Stephen Rock , Me , Ezio Tsung , Me , Me , Me)
LSFMD ( Rank 5, 6 / Martin Nelson )
SANews ( Rank 2,3,5/ Anthony Belic , Richy Banks ( he was admen i forgot his name ) , Albert Einstien )
Taxi ( Rank 1 / Lazlow Jones )
San Andreas Goverment ( Rank 4 , 5 , 6 / Jack Shred / Brasco Rodricaz / Governor )
FBI ( Rank 3 / Fezzy Walshy )

List your past leadership experience -

SA Governor
SAPD Chief
NG General
VLA x2 Owner
Grove Street Families Owner

Have you read gang/point rules & regulations and do you agree with them?
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I supoort nice man
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Thankes man.
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We gonna talk about this
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