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 Latin KingZ, Application [Copy&Paste] ~Read~

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Latin KingZ, Application [Copy&Paste] ~Read~ Empty
PostSubject: Latin KingZ, Application [Copy&Paste] ~Read~   Latin KingZ, Application [Copy&Paste] ~Read~ EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 3:59 am

New members must read this carefully,

Latin KingZ Leader are Mark_Howless

Why you should choose us?
1. We have quite much vehicles, Rooms, Rich Safe
2. Whit us you will learn more roleplay, I will make you roleplay test in game.
3. We have the gun sales person who sells cheap guns.
4. I am nice if you are nice too us.
5. We are not like others, We roleplay much when we have members online.

Okay i guess your Questions are; What skin id's we can use? What Mask number are? Where are Latinz HQ? Allies? Enemies?

Skin Ids are:
For Male's; 108, 109, 110, 20
For Female's; 152, 55 (You can ask me for other)

Mask Number: 9

Latin's HeadQuarter are Near Pig Pen. (Bad Boy's Society HQ)

Enemies; Groves

Allies: Riverside' Bloods

[center]Copy The Application and Post it here !
(You can Join Ingame but Make this Application for fast invite to gang.


( In Character )



Phone Number:

Why do you want to join The Latin KingZ? (50 Words minimum):

What will we gain from recruiting you?

Why should we recruit you out of everyone else?

Tell me about you're life (150 Words Minimum):

How good can you Roleplay? ( 1-10 ):

( Out of Character )



Playing Hours on Server:

Skype(If You have);

MSN(If you have);

I (Enter Name Here) Promise to follow all orders as commanded, and if I disobey any residential order from a rank 5 or over, I am prepared to suffer the immediate consequences.

I (Enter Name Here) Promise to be a good member to the Gang and to not betray any of the fellow members of The Latin KingZ.

I (Enter Name Here) Promise to follow all rules and regulations of Latin KingZ.

I (Enter Name Here) Understand that the only way to leave the gang is to die.

I (Enter Name Here) Understand that once you join Latin KingZ, you are in and if you leave you cant get back.

I (Enter Name Here) Have read all of the terms carefully and am awaiting a recruitment invitation from the leader, Mark_Howless.

Thank you for applying for Latin KingZ, I Mark_Howless will get contact to you as soon as i can.
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Latin KingZ, Application [Copy&Paste] ~Read~
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